Bentley Rolling Tray Bundle


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Our Butler saw the Bentley Rolling RAW tray and thought “classy”. So he put together a bunch of extra classy, quality items to make this tray bundle. High Hemp Wraps are as classy as it gets, each pack includes two wraps, two tips, and a packing straw. But dont worry, we also included a two-way roller to make rolling your new wraps a breeze. Of course, youll need a grinder and storage for all of your legal smokables. Finally, whats classier than a gold metal Clipper lighter and matching case? Our Butler thought of everything with this one, so grab it up, it wont last long! Included in this Bundle: Bentley Rolling RAW Large Rolling Tray UV Storage Jar Hippie Butler 4-Piece Grinder Gold Metal Clipper and Case 110 RAW 2-Way Roller High Hemp Organic Wrap High Hemp Hydro Lemonade High Hemp Blazin Cherry High Hemp Grapeape High Hemp Bare Berry  


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