APKing Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Gunmetal (IP-NC152)


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The APKing IP-NC152 Headphones are designed to reduce the unwanted ambient
noise that can surround us daily and also have the benefit of increasing
the clarity of sound and music when listening to your favourite media.
Whether you do a lot of travelling, have to work amidst distracting
sounds, or just live in a busy household, noise-cancelling headphones can
be a real life-saver.

In essence, active noise cancelling headphones use sophisticated
circuitry that relies on tiny microphones to pick up the noise around you,
they then play a signal that’s out of phase with the unwanted sounds to
cancel the noise.. The APKing IP-NC152 Noise Cancelling headphones enable
you to enjoy your music and other media , without distraction.

Please note that the APKing Headphones are not wireless however they
can be used for noise cancelling only with or without the audio cable

Key Features
– Reduce unwanted ambient noise with the Noise cancelling function.
– Clear and powerful sound.
– Padded ear cups for comfort.
– Metallic finish.
– Rotating design.
– Airline adapter included.
– Detachable audio cable (Only noise cancelling function available
without cable)
– Adjustable headband.
– Carry pouch included.

Driver unit: 40mm ANC speaker
Impedance 32Ω ± 15%
Input power: 20mW
Max input power: 100mW
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sound Pressure Level 93± 3dB
Active Noise Cancelling Sensitivity 10± 3dB
Channel Balance


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