5 Blade Heat Self-Power Stove Fan Wall Mounted Magnetic Fireplace Eco Fan


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Features:1. Longer service life – the entire fan is made of aluminum alloy and will not rust or corrode when heated.Quiet – the only moving part is the blade assembly. You dont even know the fan there, but you will feel warm!2. No battery or power is required – the stove fan uses the heat generated by the surface of the stove to rotate and automatically adjusts its speed according to the surface temperature of the stove.3. Less consumption, higher efficiency – When the surface temperature of the furnace reaches 50 degrees Celsius and starts working within 30 seconds, the product will stop working when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Celsius.4. A heat-driven wood stove fan generates electricity by converting heat from the stove into electrical energy, which converts thermal energy into kinetic energy to drive the motor, and then the blades rotate. No need for batteries or electricity, environmentally friendly.Specifications:Speed: 1500 rpmStarting temperature: 50Style: 5 leavesColour: BlackNoise: 25dBMaterial: Anodized aluminumPackage included:1X Fireplace fan


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