4pcs Window Visor Rain Sun Wind Guard Vent Shade Set for Toyota Corolla 2009-13


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Feature: High quality plastic window visor,helps to reduce heat build-up in parked vehicles by allowing windows to be partially open.Keeps rain out and lets fresh air in. When Driving in the rains: 1. Preventing rain water frome coming in. 2. Better and clearer vision while driving enabling smooth air flow     to prevent mist and fog on the windscreen. 3. Comfortable drive when driving without air condition. When driving in the sun: 1. Deflects harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. 2. Reduce accidents caused by blinding sun rays. 3. More protection and comfortable passengers. When in idle motion: 1. Act as a safety feature to prevent car jacking. 2. Able to have fresh air flowing in when leaving in the car for parking. In the freeway: 1. Able to smoke a cigarette without switching off the air condition. 2. Able to wind down window slightly without getting strong wind blow. 3. Aerodynamic design to smoothen air flow for better driving performance. Specification:  Color  Black  Material  ABS Plastic  Placement  Front, Rear, Left, Right  Fitment  Fits Toyota Corolla All Models 2009-2013  Length  1030mm  Width  82mm  Package box size  approx. 1080mm(H) x 185mm(L) x 55mm(W) Package Included: 1 X Window Visor Set (4Pcs)  


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