4.8″ inch Bass Speaker Loudspeaker Horn Car Audio DIY 122mm 8W Woofer


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Specification:Nominal impedance: 8 Nominal power: 10WSensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m): 88 dBFrequency: 40-20 kHzDiameter of voice coil 120mmWidth of voice coil: 108mmMagnetic circuit, type: shielded magnetic circuitMagnet material: high performance ferriteForce coefficient (BL value): 6.5n / AHeight of the magnetic gap: 6.0mmCIS: 857um / nMechanical Q value: 4.21Electric Q value: 0.43The total value of Q was 0.39Size: 4.5Features:1. Metal basin, good quality dynamic sound.2. Long stroke, clear voice, stronger base for speaker subwoofer.3. Four hole plate cooling, high power and more durable.4. Rubber edge anti-aging and high temperature, without deformation.5. Layered diaphragm, nicer sound performance.6. Application of sound box update, DIY and what shape you want.Package Included:1 x Bass Horn


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