10m*7cm Especially Thick Invisible Transparent Car Door Bumper Sticker Film


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Specifications:Size: 7m*10cmx0.05cmColor: transparentSuitable for: Loading edge protection Crash protection garage, self-adhesive transparent extra hard scratch resistant, stonework protection wheel tread fender, spray protection, universal display protection, door edge protectionFeatures:- Highly valuable decorative stripe in the colour Transparent for an optical enhancement by individual styling. The highly flexible, weather-resistant plastic can be individually tailored to the desired length.- Various uses Can also b e used for other objects e.g. ventilation sleeves, letterbox, TV, boxes, shelves, window frames, house door, picture frames, Plexiglas, glass table, boat, bicycle, caravan and -mobile, bathroom (mirror), kitchen, etc.-Suitable for outdoors Weather resistant for both indoor and outdoor use and suitable for the washing road- flexible- mounting not only on straight but also on uneven surfaces- Protects against scratches, bumps, etc. Very durable and long durable. Easy to install and quick to solve.Package Included:1* Film


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