Starrett Metal Cutting Jigsaw Blades 5 BU232-5


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The Starrett BU232-5 Metal Cutting Jigsaw Blades with Unified Shank™. These blades will fit in virtually all jigsaw machines. These blades feature 170% more weld contact area than standard bi-metal blades through the Unique™ solid state diffusion bonding process. This ensures exceptionally strong teeth, combined with the multiple cutting edges and split chip advantage, ensure that these blades typically last 25% longer than directly competing products. Supplied in a pack of 5. Specification Length: 50mm.Width: 7.5mm.Thickness: 1mm.TPI: 32.Tooth: Regular.Set: Wavy. Length dimension references tooth bearing section of the blades, the total length including shank is approximately 25mm longer.


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