Slim Variable Voltage Vape with USB Charger


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This simple and easy-to-use pen features preheat and adjustable temperature settings. The battery included is primed to work well with thick oils as well! It includes an 8 second timeout to prevent overheating and a 15 second heat up time. Straightforward and effortless, this pocket sized pen will satisfy any vaping connoisseur. Features and Specs: Battery Capacity – 650mAh battery life  Rapid warm-up just 15 seconds  Three variable voltage outputting (green 2.6V, blue 3.3V, violet 4.0V)  USB charger included with each battery    510 thread (works with 510 threaded cartridges)  Battery Capacity – 650mAh battery life  Length – 82mm  Diameter – 14mm  Output Voltage – 2.6-4.0V  Preheating Output – 1.2V  Preheating Time – 15s 


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