SCH 48 inch Grass Care System – Carrier Frame/Basic Unit (F48T)


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This is the carrier frame/basic unit (to which various grass care tools can be attached) for the SCH 48 (1219mm) Grass Care System.The frame consists of two transport and depth control wheels which are adjusted by winding down jacklegs. The wheels are pneumatic wide profile with bearings. The frame has a weight tray and is supplied with three 25 litre water fillable ballast tanks. The towed carrier frame has an adjustable tow bar to accommodate most garden tractors draw bar heights.
Various products (roller, slitter, aerator, dethatcher, brush, levelling lute, arena maintenance unit, and sprayer) can be purchased and attached to this basic unit to perform a variety of essential tasks on your grass and around your garden. Not only is this a cheaper way to acquire a variety of towed accessories, but storage space is saved (compared to storing individual task-specific towed accessories).Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty


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