Pyptek Prometheus Dreamroller Pipe Gunmetal


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Pyptek engineers high-quality and top of the line pipes that will take your smoking experience to the next level, and this Dreamroller pipe is no exception! Offering you a crystal clear Borosilicate glass steamroller pipe surrounded by an anodized 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum exoskeleton to keep your pipe safe, these pipes even come with shock-absorbing o-ring gaskets to keep your glass even safer. Get an easier draw with this pipe that is sure to give you an exceptional smoke every time, making this pipe nothing short of breathtaking. The key feature to this upgraded steamroller pipe is the easy to use one-handed “instant clear” carburetor that makes this pipe truly stand out among all of your other pieces. Easily a favorite amongst anyone who gets to utilize this beautifully crafted piece, this Dreamroller pipe is the perfect pipe to add to any aficionados collection!


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