LG A380, Black (AT&T)


● Display: 2.4-inches
● Camera: 1.3-MP
● Feature: Text to Speech
● Feature: Senior Mode

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From the manufacturer

LG A380, Black (AT&T)

Loud And Clear

LG A380 makes life easy and simple. It provides the everyday essentials – voice calling, texting, and web browsing – packed into a light and stylish design.

Key Features

  • 1.3 MP Camera and Camcorder
  • Text and Multimedia Messaging
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Speaker Phone
  • MicroSD Support

Mobile Web

Forot the name of that actor? Need the address of the restaurant? Wonder what your friends have been up to? Stay connected and informed on the go with constant Internet access.

Text to Speech

When you receive a message, don’t squint to make out the fine print. Have your texts read aloud instantly. And, after you type a message, listen as LG A380 reads it back to you to make sure there are no errors or misspellings. Get it right, the first time.

Senior Mode – Enhanced Audio/Accessibility

Listen up! If you are slightly hard of hearing, this mode was made for you. LG A380 enhances high frequencies so you can catch every word of the conversation—even in those noisy environments.

1.3 MP Camera and Camcorder

Barbeques with friends, birthday get-togethers, Sunday dinners with the whole family—these should never be forgotten. With LG A380’s camera and camcorder, document every memory and keep them close.

Display Internal Color TFT, 320 x 240 pixels, 2.4 inch (QVGA), External Color TFT, 160 x 128 pixels, 1.77 inch (QQVGA)
Network Dual-Band (3G Dual-Band (WCDMA Band 2/Band 5) 2G Quad-Band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) Dual-Mode (2G EDGE/3G HSDPA 3.6)
Battery Capacity 900 mAh Talk Time – Up to 3.42 hours Standby time- Up to 261.35 hours
Memory Internal Memory- 256 MB MicroSD Memory Slot- Support up to 32 GB
Camera 1.3 Megapixel Camera and Camcorder Resollution – 1280 x 960 (default), 640 x 480, and 320 x 240 pixels (video) Night mode– Improves photo quality in low-light environments by increasing light exposure
Dimensions 4.02 (H) x 2.05 (W) x 0.67 (D) inches


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