EGO Power + 56V Lithium-Ion Infinity Charger


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The Infinity EGO Power + 56 volt battery charger can charge the EGO 2Ah 56 volt battery in 25 minutes and the EGO 4Ah 56 volt battery in 30 minutes.The EGO range of Power + battery operated gardening tools introduced to the UK in 2015. These cordless garden products have been a major success in North America with their 56 volt lithium-ion batteries which are comparable in performance to petrol powered machines.Recent consumer research has shown an increased interest and demand for outdoor power tools which are quieter and less environmentally polluting than traditional petrol driven models.All the machines in the range are interchangeable with the 2Ah, 4Ah, 5Ah, 6Ah and 7.5Ah lithium ion batteries.FeaturesFan Cooled : Keeps the battery and charger cool preventing them overheating during the charging process.Integrated Fuel Gauge : Lets you know how much charge is left in the batteryIntegrated LED Charge Indicator Lights : Checks the battery charge and tells you when it’s fully chargedSuitable for using with the EGO Power Plus 56v lithium-ion batteries


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