Allett 12 inch Scarifier Quick Change Cartridge


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The Scarifier is designed to remove thatch, surface debris and dead moss. Its custom design helps to keep your lawn surface healthy and disease free, by allowing air and water to penetrate the soil surface. The machine is designed with rotating spikes that pull out the dead grass and moss to enable the passage of nutrients into the soil, with ease. The blades of the machine will prune the grass, which means they cut downward into the soil to remove thatch, rather than purely just cutting across the grass. The Scarifier should be used late Spring or Autumn annually, in order to keep your lawn thriving. Due to the harsh nature of the procedure, initially the lawn may look damaged, but will reap in the benefits in a month or so.The Scarifier is the perfect attachment for the Kensington petrol engine cylinder machine, and provides the best results if the lawn is also aerated.


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